I want to tell you about my friend, Priscilla Walter, who is 97 years young (and my birthday buddy). Obviously she doesn’t get out right now because of the COVID-19 Stay At Home order, but she is such a gregarious person that she has to do something to keep in touch with people.

In Nelson, we have a little booklet of telephone numbers for everyone in town who is willing to share their contact information. So Priscilla decided that she would call everyone in the town directory, whether she knew them or not, just to check in and see how they were doing in this challenging time. Priscilla is legally blind, so she uses a magnifying glass to read. Calling everyone means reading their phone number and dialing it accurately while using a magnifying glass, but nothing stops Priscilla from reaching out, one person at a time, to let her neighbors know someone cares.

And when things open up again, you can bet that Priscilla will be among the first people to call me up to ask me when I am coming down for a game of Scrabble.