Backyard Farms, Madison, Maine

Why are our salads so good?
Red, ripe, juicy tomatoes, right off the vines, delivered daily, year-round.

McGarry Dairy, Enosburg Falls, Vermont

Our cream cheese comes from the McGarry family farm and their 85 Holsteins.
Hormone-free, hand-blended daily with fresh fruits and veggies in all our cafes.

Nelly’s Free Range, Monroe, New Hampshire

Our Certified Humane, free-range eggs come from Nellie’s family farms — chickens who run, roam and scratch as they please. Good for the hens and the eggs!

True North Salmon, Ltd.

Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick

Our delicately cold-smoked Atlantic salmon is traditionally dry-cured and hardwood-smoked. Free of all artificial preservatives, additives and colors, it comes exclusively from the Gulf of Maine.

Gill Greenery, Gill, Mass

Sprout Family Robinson at the Gill Greenery make the tastiest sprouts for our salad’s and sandwiches.
They’re grown hydroponically using only organic practices. You can taste the difference!

Hacienda Rio Negro, Nueva Vida, Costa Rica

Rainforest Alliance Certified and shade-grown, our beans are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness in a place where the forests and rivers are protected.

Harlow Farms, Westminster, VT

An organic farm since 1985, three generations of Harlows have been supplying us with in-season lettuce and carrots for ten years now.