It’s Hazael and Carter Lowe and we are part of the Harris Centers Salamander Crossing Brigade! We have been practicing citizen science for many years at Harvey Pond on Glebe Road in Westmoreland- counting and crossing salamanders, frogs, toads, newts and whatever else needs saving from the crush of vehicle tires.

“I like salamander crossing because we get to save lots of salamanders from getting squished by cars” says Carter, nine. “This spring we also picked up roadside trash so the salamanders could cross without walking on garbage.” Last months Good Works winner would be proud of us- thank you Kara!

Hazael reports- “ The data I collect helps Scientists know when salamanders are migrating, how many are present and what species will come at different times.” Says Hazael- eleven. “ I like being out at night and hearing all the frogs calling.”

I think we will be lifelong crossing guards for these little critters because it is fun and you get to interact with nature and do good works by saving lives!

Cheers and Happy Spring to all from Carter and Hazael.